I began with art as an outlet, apart from music, to create a mental space for relaxation and just plain fun. At first, working solely with acrylic paint, I used the brush and canvas to fashion landscapes and still life paintings with the goal of "realism" in mind. After a year and a half, it became obvious that to continue to grow, it would be helpful to improve my drawing skills to better work out problems, understand depth and perspective, and give myself a more clear and consistent path to this realistic approach.
Within a short time, I realized that I was having even more fun (and success) with pencil and charcoal than with paint, so I began to explore Soft Pastel as my medium for color. This drawing study also opened up the amazing world of portrait and figurative art, which has become a large focus of my efforts.
This webspace is a way for me to show the results of my work so far, and to share the continued growth of this fulfilling form of expression.

Steve Varner
 Steve Varner
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